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New Year - Fresh Start

Seven tips for clearing out the clutter

1.      Start small. Pick a cabinet, drawer or small storage area.

2.      Have bins available for “keep” “donate” “toss” and “maybe”

3.      Clear everything from the space and put it into one of the designated bins

4.      Clean the space with appropriate cleaning solutions

5.      Clean the pieces in the keep bin, making sure they are still in good condition.

6.      Decide how you want to put the “keep” items back into the space. Will you need any additional bins to store them? How often will you need to access them?

7.      Lastly, go through the “maybe” bin and decide if you really need these items, or if they can be stored in a more convenient setting.

Organizing your home or office doesn’t have to be difficult. Start small and keep the project timeline under one hour. By breaking the work into smaller tasks, completing the project will give you a sense of accomplishment and make the next area you tackle less daunting.

Designate an area to store all the donate items and bring them to the appropriate donation center(s) as soon as possible. The same goes for all the items that are broken or not worth hanging on to. Removing them from your living space will keep you from wanting to hang on to them.

Resist the urge to “save” items for family members or friends. Unless they have specifically requested these items or you have had conversations about them, often, they really don’t want your castoff “treasures”.

Don’t hang on to things that are broken, don’t fit or haven’t been used in the last six months. These just add to our clutter and are precisely what got us into this mess to begin with! Still feeling overwhelmed? Our team at Life.Simplified can help.

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