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Is it really trash?

Have you ever looked at something and thought, “I better hang on to this, I might need it someday!” We’ve all done it. You see a TicTok that shows you 100 different things to do with a bread tie, how to reuse tinfoil or useful things to make with paperclips and before you know it, the junk drawer in your kitchen is bursting at the seams, not to mention the garage, basement and attic.

Often it’s a lack of information that keeps us from getting rid of some of the junk in our life. At Life.Simplifed our clients get a curated list of places to bring the things that are taking over your life and home. But you can create your own list by doing a little research. Start with your city website and look for information about citywide hazardous waste, electronic recycling and document shredding events. Most large and midsize cities will have events several times a year and will post that information well in advance.

Partial cans of paint often cause the biggest headache for homeowners. Some larger cities have businesses that will take latex paint, strain it and resell it. If your paint is old and no longer usable you can dry it out and dispose of it safely in the trash. Cat litter does the trick and it will fully dry out the paint in a few days.

Confused about how to dispose of some of the things lurking in your basement or garage? Life.Simplified is here to help you manage all those mysteries.

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