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 Professional Home Organizing

Serving the Chicagoland Area.

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Organize your Home
Simplify your Life

 Give your home a fresh start by having our team help you sort and curate your belongings. We'll give you the tools to keep your home in top shape freeing up time to enjoy your life. 

Kitchen Gadgets and Utensils

Let's Meet

I'm Mimi. And I'm an expert at organizing. 

Gaining control of your space saves time, stress, and most of all money. Life.Simplified was born following a move to Chicago after living on the West Coast for thirty years. I’ve changed homes many times over the years and have learned how to pare down the clutter and to live with only the things that serve me or that I really love. I’m passionate about helping others to organize and simplify their homes and lives so that they can enjoy what is really important.

Each client is treated with compassion and empathy because organizing can be overwhelming and often we don’t know where to begin. A professional can guide the process and together, can create systems that work with your space and lifestyle.  I approach organizing projects as puzzles to solve, rather than an overwhelming challenge. I’ll work with you to break each project down into manageable steps and tailor solutions to your lifestyle.

Taking control over our lives can start with taking control of the spaces we occupy.

Our Services


Home Organizing

From one closet to the whole house, having your spaces work for you makes every day easier. 

We guide you through the process and share the tools to help make your spaces clutter free and keep your Life.Simplified.



Moving can be a daunting experience and when you need to downsize, trying to figure out what to do with all  of the "stuff" that has accumulated over the years is overwhelming. Our goal is to help you with the transition. We have the tools to guide you through the process of letting go and the resources to help your things find a new home. 


Move Management

Life.Simplified knows that when a loved one passes on or has to move out of their home, figuring out what to do with their  belongings is a big undertaking.

Identifying the entire scope of work , delegating tasks, and making sure there's a process for everything can make the journey easier. 

Happy Clients' Homes


My sewing room was so disorganized that I couldn't stand going in there. Mimi came in and in a matter of hours it looked like a whole new space! I was able to find all my projects and get back to doing what I love.

Sue T.

Mimi and I worked together to organize my workshop. She was able to categorize and arrange all my tools and gear so it's assessable and makes sense for how I work. Now I know where everything is and keeping it organized is a breeze. 

Lori O.

After our mom passed we were overwhelmed with the task of getting her home ready for sale. Mimi truly Simplified the process! She had the resources available to take care of the packing, sorting, donations and even the electronics recycling. Her caring and empathy during this time went a long way to making this tough time easier. 

Tim L.

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